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Waterproof USB Rechargeable Bright Flashlight

Waterproof USB Rechargeable Bright Flashlight

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Introducing the Waterproof USB Rechargeable Bright Flashlight, a reliable and versatile illumination tool. This flashlight is designed to be your trusty companion, whether you're camping in the rain, exploring the great outdoors, or just need a dependable light source at home.


LARGE CALIBER LIGHT CUP FOR EXCEPTIONAL BRIGHTNESS - This flashlight is equipped with a large caliber light cup that maximizes light output. It delivers an exceptionally bright and far-reaching beam, illuminating even the darkest corners.

WATERPROOF AND WEAR-RESISTANT DURABILITY - Built to withstand the elements, this flashlight boasts waterproof and wear-resistant properties. It can handle rainy conditions and rough handling with ease, ensuring it remains in excellent working condition even after exposure to the harshest environments.

BATTERY INDICATOR FOR ENHANCED CONVENIENCE - The flashlight features a battery indicator that keeps you informed about the remaining power. You'll never be caught off guard by a drained battery when you need it most.

USB FAST CHARGING FOR EFFICIENCY - Say goodbye to the hassle of replacing batteries. This flashlight is USB rechargeable, allowing you to quickly and easily replenish its power. Whether you're at home, in your car, or using a portable power bank, the convenience of USB charging ensures you're always prepared for your next adventure.


Color: Gold Circle + Red Button, Black Circle + Red Button, Black Circle + Blue Button

Size: 80*258mm

Wick: P700

Range: Kilometer Long Range

Battery: Lithium battery

Endurance: 6-12 hours

Material: ABS

Charging: USB

Gear: 3 Gears


Waterproof USB Rechargeable Bright Flashlight*1


Please allow 2-3cm error due to manual measurement. Please make sure you do not mind before purchasing.

Color may not appear as exactly as in real life due to variations between the computer monitors.

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Waterproof USB Rechargeable Bright Flashlight