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Versatile Ice-shot Glass Mould

Versatile Ice-shot Glass Mould

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Hey there, party people! Here's something new to toast to - shot glasses made of ice, ready to shake up the entire beverage world. Forget the glasses of sherry, spirits and schnapps, for the serious drink enthusiast, here's an icy shot glass for every day of the year.


ADD A TOUCH OF FROST TO YOUR PARTY: Ice shot glasses are a hit on any occasion. Being reusable, they're just as good for student discos as they are for 80th birthday parties and blizzard-themed parties. Or as a gift for the quirky party planner. Pour, refreeze and go again!

TIPS AND TRICKS FROM OUR TEAM: When filling the mould with water, be sure to fill it all the way to the edge to give the glass a solid bottom. To ensure that the bottom of the glass is as even as possible and to avoid the glasses becoming lopsided, it is also important to place the mould on a flat surface in the freezer.

DURABLE AND LONG-LASTING: Made from food-grade silicone, this mould is durable and designed to withstand freezing temperatures. The resulting ice glasses are sturdy and can be reused multiple times, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment.

VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: The Ice-shot Glass Mould is not limited to alcoholic beverages. You can also use it to create unique ice glasses for mocktails, fruit juices, and even desserts. Let your creativity flow and surprise your guests with refreshing and visually appealing treats.


Mold Width: 10 cm

Diameter: 4.9 cm per glass

Mould Height: 5 cm

Length: 10 cm

Material: Food grade silicone

Mould Weight: 72g

The finished shot glass holds about 4 cl

Available Colors: Blue


1* Versatile Ice-shot Glass Mould


Allow the ice shot glasses to sit at room temperature for a few minutes before removing from the mold for easier release.

Avoid using sharp objects to remove the ice shot glasses from the mold to prevent damage.

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Versatile Ice-shot Glass Mould