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2024 Hot Sale -Creative Drinks Dispenser

2024 Hot Sale -Creative Drinks Dispenser

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This Creative Drink Dispenser is the perfect way to serve up delicious drinks at your event or gathering. It is designed with a sleek and modern look that is sure to impress your guests. The dispenser is made of durable and non-toxic material, The dispenser is easy to use and comes with a convenient push-button control that allows you to easily dispense your favorite drinks.

Key Features

Food contactable material: This device adopts the preferred ABS+TPR, which is a food contactable material, safe and non-toxic

Quick outlet: The outlet faucet is easy to use, just use the cup to gently push in to get the drinks out.

Leak-proof: The product adopts a thickened sealing ring, which has very strong sealing, and there are rubber rings at the inlet and outlet, which can effectively prevent air leakage and water leakage.

Strong load-bearing: there is a thickened non-slip mat at the bottom.It is designed as a tripod which is stable, and the material is strong enough to support large bottles of drinks.


Size: 14*12.5CM

Material: ABS+TPR

Packaging: color packaging

Color: red

Instructions for use

Step 1: Install the drink upside down

Step 2: Align the water inlet with the mouth of the beverage bottle and tighten it

Step 3: Gently push the valve to connect the drink

Package Includes

1* Creative Drinks Dispenser



This Dispenser is not suitable for use with hot liquids. Please use only cold beverages with this dispenser.

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2024 Hot Sale -Creative Drinks Dispenser